Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy regulates how Portland International LLC (hereinafter “the Company”) is eligible to gather, utilizes, keep and disclose data and information from clients (individually referred to as a “Client”) on the website: All and every products and/or services provided by the Company are regulated in accordance with Privacy Policy.


The Company website may use “cookies” to facilitate the process of providing the Clients with Company products and/or services at high quality level. These “cookies” will be used to collecting the data on the Clients and their action with respect to the website. It will be made at the Clients’ discretion, either to accept or refuse to accept the “cookies.” In case of the latter, the Client should be acknowledged that certain features of the website might be limited or not available for use.

Log Data

The Company also has the right to gather the non-personal data which could contain the browser details, computer IP address and other technical data related to the client’s use of the website. Any other similar information will be gathered by the Company, if needed.

Links to Other Sites

There may be links to other sites on the Company website. Therefore, the Company is not liable for the content of these sites and/or any information mentioned there, and any practices applied by those sites. In case of using any data from the other sites, the Client is subject to the content, privacy policies and/or practices of those sites.


The Company adopts the appropriate security means of gathering, keeping and processing data and any other information to protect it from any unauthorized access, changes and modifications, disclosure and its improper use in any possible way whatsoever. In cases when such Clients’ information is shared with third parties, the latter may apply it for limited marketing purposes only.

Information Collection and Use

The Company reserves the right to collect personal information used for clients’ identification, including, but not limited to, name, registered address, email address, phone number, bank card details. At that, this personal information may be used in an unlimited range of ways, such as Client’s visiting the website, making an order, paying for the Company products and/or services, etc.

Apart from that, it is in the client’s power to turn down from submitting personal information, though it may affect the Company to provide products and/or services properly and limit the Clients to use the website in full accordingly. All of this information is collected and used for marketing purposes only.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

The Company is eligible to update the Privacy Policy to its latest version. In any case it is for the Clients’ best interests to visit this Privacy Policy page on our website in order to be informed about the changes. It is the Clients’ sole responsibility to review the Privacy Policy on a regular basis as by using the Company website, the Clients agree with and acknowledge they have read and understood the Privacy Policy.

In case of any additional questions regarding the Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to contact our Company.

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